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இரண்டு பெண்டாட்டிகாரனுக்கு மூன்றாவது பெண்ணின் மீது என்ன கண்?

ஏப்ரல் 16, 2010

சசி தரூருக்கு ஏன் கோபம் வருகிறது?

Shashi Tharoor Ko Gussa Kyun Ata Hain?

Cricket is taking a backseat as politics, power, money and contentious nexus are hogging the limelight in Indian cricket.

By Soumitra Bose

பணத்தோடு, செக்ஸுக்கு அலையும் கூட்டம்: Shashi Tharoor ko Gussa Kyun Ata Hain? In the murky world of cricket and money, the flashy minister has been in the news for controversial reasons. Even if Tharoor says he has no “business links” with the Kochi team, one of the two new entrants in the Indian T20 championship from next year, his alleged telephonic requests to Lalit Modi not to reveal stakeholders details of Kochi, need to be probed.

ஜோடி போட்டு கூத்தடிக்கும் கூட்டம்: Interestingly, one of the stake holders in the Kochi team is Sunanda Pushkar, who is known in Delhi’s social circles as Tharoor’s would-be wife. Sunanda reportedly has stakes worth Rs 70 crores in the Kochi team. Is Tharoor really oblivious of this? Seventy crore is a lot of money. The Indian T20 is already a huge “family” affair, with many celebrity links, most successful and some unsuccessful. Sunanda and Tharoor seems to be the next “affair” in line and sure to grab the spotlight. The ever-hungry media has had their plate full of the Shah Rukhs, Preity Zintas, Shilpa Shettys and Katrinas. Sunanda and Tharoor is already exciting proposition for the gossip-loving media that recently didn’t make much headway with the Wasim Akram-Sushmita Sen “affair.” Tharoor and Sunanda are high-profile socialites. Both have had difficult pasts, vis-à-vis their family lives. Both are reportedly heading for their third marriages. The flamboyant minister has been married twice before.

இரண்டு பெண்ட்டாடிக்காரன் பெண்களுடன் அலைவது: Tharoor has children from his first marriage to Tilottoma Mukherji, an academician from Kolkata whom the minister apparently knew from his school days. During his stint at UN, Tharoor married Christa Giles. Both are currently involved in a messy divorce.

அவளோ ஏற்கெனெவே இரண்டு பேருக்கு மனையாக இருந்தவள்: Sunanda, the daughter of an Indian Army Colonel, is not far behind. Her first husband was from Kashmir, who she later divorced. Sunanda lost her second husband in an accident in Delhi. A businesswoman, who runs a spa in Dubai, Sunanda is on a rendezvous with one of India’s most famous and twitter-loving ministers.

காதாலாவது, செக்ஸாவது, துரோகமாவது: The Indian T20 championship has indeed been a potboiler. Love, Sex and Dhoka, you could not have asked for anything more sizzling. Take a bow, IPL!